Non-invasive brain stimulation helps to ease tremors

A team involving UCL researchers have used electrical pulses to help suppress the tremors typically found in conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. In a paper published in Nature Communications, the scientists report their new way of suppressing the brain waves underpinning tremors, without the need for invasive techniques. Joint first author of the paper, Dr. […]


Fired Fox News political editor calls out ‘hype men in the media’ who helped Trump attempt to ‘steal an election’

A longtime Fox News politics editor, who was fired by the network earlier this month after angering former President Donald Trump, rebuked the current state of American media and skewered right-wing propagandists in a candid opinion piece published Thursday. Chris Stirewalt, who drew scorn from Trump and his supporters after calling the state of Arizona […]


Apple’s next MacBook Air said to be thinner and lighter with MagSafe charging

According to Bloomberg’s well-connected Mark Gurman, the new MacBook Air will be thinner and lighter than its predecessor. One possible technique being discussed to make the system smaller is to shrink the bezels around the display. Gurman said Apple was even considering making a 15-inch MacBook Air, but decided against it for the next generation. […]


Ex-Stephen Lawrence murder suspect fled UK while ‘wanted for £2.1million drug plot’

A former Stephen Lawrence murder suspect escaped to Spain hidden in the back of a car with an encrypted phone while wanted for a £2.1million drugs plot, a court has heard. Jamie Acourt, 44, spent more than two years on the run in Barcelona where he claimed to have worked as a barman, personal trainer […]


Dane Cameron, AJ Allmendinger combine forces with new Acura team in Rolex 24

Dane Cameron and AJ Allmendinger each will approach the 59th annual Rolex 24 with a different perspective, but the goal is the same. One driver has experience with the car; the other has experience with the team. This Saturday and Sunday, Cameron and Allmendinger hope to combine that knowledge and create a winning combination in […]


Why it’s too soon for Australia to legalize ecstasy and magic mushrooms to treat mental illness

While the public focus remains on COVID vaccines, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) continues to evaluate a range of proposals around the provision of medical treatments in Australia. The regulatory body is currently considering whether psychiatrists should be allowed to prescribe MDMA and psilocybin to treat mental illness. The TGA will announce its interim decision […]


International police effort takes down ‘world’s most dangerous’ malware network

Law enforcement authorities across several countries have taken down a network of what they describe as the “world’s most dangerous malware.” The malware, Emotet, gained access to users’ computers through infected email attachments, including documents purporting to be “invoices, shipping notices and information about Covid-19,” European police agency Europol, which coordinated the effort, said in […]


Alphabet is winding down Loon due to cost concerns

Project Loon, as it was originally called, started as a research and development project under Google X back in 2011. With it, Google and parent company Alphabet used high-altitude balloons to create makeshift wireless networks to blanket remote regions with Internet access. In 2018, the project was spun off as a separate company called Loon […]


Man whose body turns food into alcohol can get drunk from eating a slice of cake

A man whose body acts as his own personal brewery has told how his rare condition means he can get blind drunk – by eating a slice of cake. Nick Carson suffers from a rare disorder called auto brewery syndrome – where his body ferments carbohydrates and turns them into alcohol in his stomach – […]