A healthy Katherine Legge back at Rolex 24 with renewed spirit to drive women in racing

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – She couldn’t walk yet, but Katherine Legge had to know whether she still could drive. So while attending a Ferrari Challenge race last September at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca – barely two months after breaking her legs during a hard crash in France – Legge climbed out of her wheelchair and […]


Levels of obesity could rise if effective actions are not taken in childhood

The number of adults living with obesity could rise dramatically unless robust measures are implemented to halt childhood obesity. The STOP Project (Science and Technology in childhood Obesity Policy), funded in 2018 by the European Commission to identify new interventions to reduce childhood obesity in Europe, has released its latest findings, providing new evidence to […]


Facebook faces a global backlash over its bid to ‘bully’ Australia

Elected officials and media publishers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the United States slammed Facebook’s actions on Thursday, suggesting they were anti-competitive and underscored the need for a regulatory crackdown. “It is one of the most idiotic but also deeply disturbing corporate moves of our lifetimes,” Julian Knight, the lawmaker who chairs the […]


The latest bounty hunters to join Fortnite are Sarah Connor and T-800

On Wednesday, the PlayStation Store prematurely advertised a Terminator skin bundle for Fortnite. It showed that both a Sarah Connor and a T-800 avatar was (or soon would be) available. Sony quickly removed the ad, but not before users had captured screenshots and posted them to Twitter. On Thursday, Epic teased the Terminator crossover in […]


Non-binary 41st Brit warned they ‘might die’ if they undergo reassignment surgery

A young Brit has been told to lose weight if they want to survive gender reassignment surgery after hitting 41 stone. AJ, who lives in Airdrie, spends 19 hours on a mattress in the living room every day eating up to 5,000 calories. For the past six years they have been inside, the Daily Record […]